Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone

Why choose tile?

Tile is very popular because of its limitless potential throughout your home, office, restaurant or outdoor space. You'll love tile in a kitchen or bathroom as well as in a basement or even on your patio! Choose from ceramic or porcelain tile as well as various types of stone including marble, slate, travertine, and more.

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Ceramic and porcelain tile

Ceramic tile is molded from clay, pressed, and heated under extreme pressure. It is often made from white, red, and brown clay mixed with minerals. Porcelain tile is the same in this regard, except its makeup includes feldspar. This is a type of crystal that takes on a glossy, glass-like look.


Tile is extremely easy to care for, and it's very durable, too. However, it does still require some regular care and maintenance.


We recommend trusting a professional installation team when it comes to tile installation. You can rely on the Burgess Flooring & Design experts to be efficient and thorough when handling your installation.

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