Laminate Flooring

Why choose laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a stylish and durable flooring solution that resembles genuine hardwood or even ceramic tile. There are a few main differences, however. Laminate is made up of multiple layers, which makes it more resistant to scratching and moisture. It's also easier to install and it is often more affordable when compared to both hardwood or tile.

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Stylish Versatility

If you love the look of wood but want something a little more affordable and easier to replace down the road, laminate is an ideal choice. You'll love how simple and clean it is. Better yet, laminate is available in as many colors and textures as you can imagine to mimic the various species of hardwood or types of natural stone on the market today.


While laminate is easy to care for, you'll still need to incorporate a few simple cleaning tips into your regular routine. Follow these tips from the experts at Burgess Flooring & Design to keep your laminate looking and performing its best for years to come!

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While laminate installation is simple enough for the average DIYer over a weekend, we strongly recommend trusting a professional installation team to ensure proper results. When you trust the team at Burgess Flooring & Design with your laminate installation, you know you'll get an efficient installation and a beautiful finished product that will last for many years to come.

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